Tax Preparation

CFO Strategies specializes in providing tax preparation services to clients throughout the Johnstown area and beyond. Our services will help you calculate, deposit, and file your taxes  for you, so that you may concentrate on running your business. Without being bothered by tax preparations, you can put more of your time and effort towards efficiency. We also help you avoid the penalties for filing past due dates, which can be costly.

Federal Taxes: After computing your liability to federal taxes, we can send your  deposit in on the day it is due and file returns to avoid penalties.

Unemployement Taxes: For every pay period, we can transfer your FUTA amounts from your account by the day it is due.

State & Local Income Taxes: Count on us to transfer your state and local income taxes straight from your account on time.

Payroll Taxes: Payroll taxes include state income tax, federal withholding, social security, Medicare, and local taxes (city, country, school districts, disability, unemployment, etc). These taxes must be witheld from an employee’s paycheck. We will hand in those withholdings over to tax agencies when needed.