CFO Strategies is a full-service accounting firm headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Our team of accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll experts are lead by experienced CPAs. CFO Strategies is prepared to provide your organization with supplemental or complete outsourced accounting services.

Accountants help organizations run efficiently in a number of ways:

Tax Forms: Managing taxes can be overwhelming for a business owner, which is why accountants work to make the process easier. They will go through forms with you and help to file them appropriately.

Employee Benefits: Employers must determine how much of their budget may be put towards employee benefits. They may assist with choosing the best plans for employees while keeping a feasible budget.

Safeguarding Assets: Protecting assets is a vital practice when running a business. In the event of a lawsuit, assets may be placed out of reach of potential creditors making claims.

Auditing: To prevent white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, contract disputes, and fraud, accountants investigate the financial records of companies. With knowledge of both accountaing and law, they make sure that no illegal activity is happening in a company.

Advising: Accountants provide clients with advice on taxes, personal budgets, managing assets and investments, planning for retirement, recognizing risk exposure, and more.